Cooling Fans Repair & Balancing

Imbalance in rotating assemblies is a common source of vibration that can cause range of machine faults which leads to costly downtime. Even minor damage or wear to engine radiator fans in your mobile equipment could be contributing to excessive noise, vibration, and wear to bearings and surrounding components that could lead to premature failure. 

With Hardy Spicer’s extensive experience and state of the art balancing equipment, we have capability to recondition, balance, and repair engine radiator fans to ISO standards. 

When we receive a fan from site, we undergo a thorough inspection process before it is put back into service 

  • Bead blast and crack test hubs and laminates 
  • Check blade thickness 
  • Inspect fan blades for damage 
  • Check blade pitch 
  • Repair, straighten or replace blades as required 

When repairs have been completed the radiator fans are balanced according to ISO balancing standards on our state-of-the-art Industrial balancing machines.  

Hardy Spicer can balance all sorts of rotating industrial equipment, not just radiator fans. We can also balance all types of fans, rotors, rolls, pulleys, drums, impellers, etc. 

Watch our Workshop Video – Fan Crack Testing

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