Hardy Spicer, as a national leader in Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, stocks an extensive range of Hydraulic adaptors to meet almost every possible need.

Australian industry sources its machinery from all over the world, and with each global region adhering to their own standards, it creates a wide range of thread types that Australian machine repairers must adapt to. This extensive list of global standards and variations makes it difficult for Australian machine repairers to hold the right type and right quantity of adaptors to suit every possible scenario. This is why we stock such an extensive range of adaptors designed by Australian engineers to suit your need to adapt across all the various thread types, ensuring our range of high quality adaptors will suit the most demanding application.

For OEM’s and specialised machine builders, our extensive stocks mean we can meet almost any demand from single SKU’s to complex hose and adaptor kits, ensuring a consistent high quality look and performance for your finished product. Our product team can also assist with customised product for your special application, from small to large production runs.

With our service centres across Australia holding stocks to service their local and key markets, we are well placed to help you with your adaptor needs, from basic plated steel threaded reducers, to stainless steel joiners and specialised flange adaptors.

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