Hose & Fittings

The highest of engineering standards specify that hose and fittings must be from the same manufacturer, and that the crimping method must be the same method as specified by the manufacturer. While it is true that most hoses and fittings are made to a recognized standard, the standards themselves are very loose, and there can be a wide variance of quality in different hose and fitting products produced to these standards. By stocking and distributing the Gates hydraulic hose and fitting range, Hardy Spicer guarantees that we provide our customers with a system that has had all parts designed by Gates, including hose, fittings, and the crimping process.

Supporting this is our extensive range of adaptors to ensure the best hose fit for every application, coupled with clamps, sleeving, abrasion covers, valving as well as hydraulic componentry.

Our range of Industrial hose ensures we can meet your needs for moving or transferring most liquids, gases and solids.  To match our hose portfolio, we stock a diverse range of fittings to suit in various materials such as polypropylene, galvanised, brass, aluminum and stainless steel which include:

  • Camlocks
  • Bauers
  • Flanges
  • Quick Release Couplings
  • Muff Couplings

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