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Drive Couplings

Many current driveshaft designs use flexible rubber disc couplings in conjunction with universal joints and propeller shaft constant velocity joints such as the Ford Falcons.

As the Australian automotive market increases with new models so to does the demand for diverse products in driveshafts. Hardy Spicer is continually researching and extending the available range to meet these demands for new Flexible Disc Drives, Couplings and Propeller Shaft CV Joints to add to the already comprehensive application list.

Full fitting and balancing service for all your drive coupling needs is available at all Hardy Spicer branches Australia wide.

Audi Drive Shaft with Couplings

Propeller Shaft CV Joints

Some propeller shaft cv joints are non-servicable and can only be replace with either an assembly or a complete driveshaft.

To view the full list of applications for these couplings, download the B1 catalogue from our downloads page or call your closet branch for professional advice on what suits your application.

Flexible Disc Drives, Rubber Couplings and Propeller Shaft CV Joints