Hardy Spicer Australia

Our policy is to continue our tradition as a valuable and keenly competitive supplier of after-market products to an ever increasing number of customers in driveline and hydraulic products.

We are highly focused on customer service and to that end have established new branches across Australia as well as licensed authorised outlets, to provide customer service and support in every mainland state and major regional centre.

From the 1940's
From it's beginnings in Burwood Victoria, Hardy Spicer began operating as a specialist in driveline components to service the automotive industry. We expanded our capabilities over the years and also incorporated hydraulic products to complement the services required by our growing complement of customers.

The company was incorporated in Victoria in January 1949 and became part of the well known Repco Group in the 1950s.

For the Corporate Minded
In 1983, Hardy Spicer became a division of Repco Universal Joints, and changed its name to Repco Universal Drivelines. Acquired by BTR Engineering in June 1987, we later operated under the name Unidrive Pty Ltd. In 1988, a joint venture was formed by BTR Nylex, GKN Industries (UK) and NTN of Japan, which acquired the entire manufacturing division of Repco Universal Drivelines. Early in 2000 BTR sold its interest to GKN and NTN. In April 2002 Hardy Spicer was purchased by HS Company P/L a 100% Australian owned company. July 2019 marked the start of a new era with the international company GPC acquiring HS Company P/L. July 2019 marked the start of a new era with the international company GPC acquiring HS Company P/L.

Our Customers
At Hardy Spicer we're well aware that without our customers we would not exist, and we work hard to forge meaningful relationships for mutual benefit. We appreciate that our ongoing business is due to our ability to provide a valuable service to customers. Certainly it is something we'll never lose sight of. The industries we service are very diverse and wide and cover areas such as automotive (both passenger and heavy transport), industrial (including machinery in a multitude of applications including paper mills), mining (from heavy vehicles to drilling etc equipment) and agricultural (including products that transfer power to various machinery implements).